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JK Guest are committed to providing the highest of customer satisfaction through dedication to high safety and quality standards, coupled where possible with early project completion.


An excellent management and engineering team ensure the best and most cost effective solution for each project.

Cutting Edge Utility Mapping Saves Lives

The modern city is a maze of streets and alleys, buildings and barriers. As complicated as cities are on the surface, however, the situation below ground can be even more confusing: power, telephone and fibre optic cables compete for space with water and gas mains, waste water drains and sewer pipes.


Complicating the issue further, new utilities are constantly being installed and existing services relocated, with layers of utilities both in and out of use dating back as far as the 19th century.


The answer is J K Guest's Utility Mapping Solutions. A comprehensive service incorporating Radio Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar, Surveying and Marking and Air Vacuum Excavation. See our Utility Mapping Solutions for further information.


J K Guest Blog

J K Guest will shortly be launching a blog, covering the latest developments and project news from the company, as well as covering some of the related and most noteworthy news from within the Civil Engineering and Construction industries.


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